Special Projects

Beaver Timber Special ProjectsWe are proud to have produced some special buildings for individual requirements such are mentioned here.

A log home/shooting lodge was built in partnership with a Canadian team of experts using traditional Scandinavian techniques, handcrafting logs to fit “piece-sur-piece” fitting each log to the next producing a prestigious, solid home of exceptional character and function.

The natural insulation and warmth of the building is of great importance in the exposed Highland setting and we are keen to develop this style of housing in our Beaver range of products.

We produced and erected the toilet block for Glencoe ski development in Highland region which sited on the slopes of one of Britain’s highest mountains shows our buildings are built to last!

Aircraft hangers and rail carriage housing are another type of building we have manufactured in the past as are wooden frame conservatories. These are pleasant to look at, functional and at a competitive cost to the PVC mass produced alternative. Our timber frame conservatories give a traditional appearance and enhance many homes. We can offer individual design to the business requiring a combination of functions in a building, such as a sailing school with accommodation, changing rooms and reception areas but also aesthetically blending the building in with its surroundings.

Finally as we offer anything built in wood and for the outdoors. If its wood ask beaver Timber to quote.

A Selection of Our Special Projects

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